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Thailand Weddings

Beautiful website! It’s my pleasure to work with the site owner, and she likes the site very much. The colors palette and fonts are carefully picked by me, with some of the web owners adjustment. [...]

TPP Lounge & Restaurant

A beautiful and professional website! I spent A LOT of time for the front-end part. Too bad that the owner doesn’t want to spend some time to provide contents, and complete the payment to finish [...]

Long Hai Space Tech

This site is built for a Vietnamese start-up called Long Hai Space Tech. Visitors to the website should be able to receive information about the company values, vision, mission, and their [...]

A news site, pretty slick, I spent a lot of time on the logo and color pallete of the site 😀 Too bad I’m too busy, don’t have much time to maintain it 🙁

Tru-line Dental Website for an orthodontic product in Australia. I built a very clean and neat site, spend a lot of time with pictures and designs. It’s still a work in [...]

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